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[Griftlands]Griftlands: The Best Unique Negotiation Grafts | Game Rant

2021-10-1 source:ING club

  Here are the Grafts that players should keep their eyes peeled for the most as they grant the best automatic boons in every Negotiation.

  By Reyadh Rahaman

  Published Jun 28, 2021


  art of sal on a rowboat with five grafts in the shape of necklaces.

  Experienced grifters exploring Havaria in Canadian indie developer Klei Entertainment’s sci-fi RPG?Griftlands have quite a lot to see and do. Following the?first time that the player completes Sal’s story component and exacts vengeance upon Kashio, Brawl mode is unlocked. Here, gamers can test their mettle by going up against a gauntlet of randomized Negotiations and Battles.

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  In addition to new challenges in this mode, there are also new Grafts that are Unique to this part of the game. The very best ones for Negotiations surpass the power of those from the Rare and Boss variety of?Grafts by providing special bonuses and passive effects that are not seen anywhere else.

  Out of those available, there are 5 that players should keep their eyes peeled for the most as they grant automatic boons in every Negotiation that can enhance one’s build, rescue failing ones, or even result in an overpowered niche tactic that the game’s AI will have no idea how to counter.


  graft that is a gold and green necklace.

  While you have no arguments, all your cards deal double damage

  This is a Unique Negotiation Graft meant for hyper offensive builds that simply want to hit hard by playing attack cards. Those wishing to make the most of the Flawless Casualty should keep things simple and avoid the creation of new arguments on their side of the Negotiation field.

  However, against some enemies, this can be tricky, as a few people can incept arguments that in addition to canceling the effect of Flawless Casualty will also likely cause the player to take more damage or suffer some other less than ideal effect.

  graft in the shape of a gold and purple necklace.

  Whenever you fully mitigate damage, incept 1 Doubt

  It’s always a solid strategy to mitigate incoming damage in the first stages of a Negotiation, as the foe’s attacks will likely be at their weakest and easiest to negate. If one has the Collapsing Defeat Unique Negotiation Graft and?uses this same tactic, players will be able to incept 1 stack of Doubt for free onto the opponent’s side of the Negotiation field.

  Doubt automatically does 1 damage per stack to an enemy argument every turn, which is an excellent way to chip at the foe’s Resolve. Usually, Doubt can only be incepted by playing cards, but Collapsing Defeat grants this power for free when defending well, meaning that it can be an incredible addition to a build focusing on stacking Doubt upon the adversary as well as a solid side tactic for others.


  gradt that is a pendant with 2 long blue gems.

  Duplicate the first argument you create each turn

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  For any build that plans on creating stacks of Influence, Dominance, or another beneficial argument, the Twined Conquest Unique Negotiation Graft can allow Sal to set up her strategy quicker and more efficiently with no downside. This also means that the first ally argument that spawns automatically if one has a companion gets doubled at the start of a Negotiation.

  Double the fun for the player and double the trouble for the foe, this Graft is great for any build, which is the kind of versatility that usually sees the Twined Conquest installed at some point in any Brawl mode run.

  graft that is a curved gem necklace of green and gold.

  All cards deal 1 bonus damage per friendly argument

  Here’s a Unique Negotiation Graft that pairs very well with the Twined Conquest, as it focuses on enhancing strategies that revolve around spawning arguments. The more arguments the player has on their side, the more damage they will do with each attack.

  With an entire guaranteed point of damage added for each of the many arguments that can be spawned, the Immaculate Swarm is a Graft that can straight-up let the player steamroll opponents with multiple huge attacks every turn that will only get more powerful if one is allowed to keep spawning new arguments.


  orange diamond set in a gold necklace that is a great graft.

  All cards that cost more than 1 action now cost only 1 action instead

  One of the ways that the game developers have balanced?Griftlands is that more powerful cards have a higher action cost, forcing the player to choose between using them or spending actions in another manner. Though, the Force Compression Unique Negotiation Graft completely neutralizes this balancing mechanic, which results in arguably the most overpowered passive effect in the entire game.

  Any card, regardless of how powerful or costly, will now only cost a single action to play, meaning that the player can stock their Negotiation deck full of all the most action-expensive cards and play them far more frequently than normally possible, allowing them to pull off the most powerful attacks and gain the greatest arguments with the utmost ease.

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