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[is it love game]Love of the Game

2021-8-12 source:ING club

  23D. I could have sworn that the “Daughter of Styx” was Niobe, but that was just me misremembering. Sometimes my brain accidentally misfiles things. The answer is NIKE, the Greek goddess of victory.

  29D. TIL that the FIBONACCI sequence was not developed by Leonardo of Pisa (also known as Leonardo FIBONACCI), but was actually presented in a second-century work of the Indian mathematician Acharya Pingala. FIBONACCI, in his book “Liber Abaci,” introduced Indian mathematical theory to Western Europe. But somehow, he got the credit.

  52D. Very clever. “Love of the game?” is not a clue about being passionate about a sport. It hints at the tennis score “love,” which is zero or NIL.

  Adam Nicolle: I am so excited to be sharing a New York Times byline with the Brooke Husic. She is one of my favorite themeless constructors in the game right now, she’s co-hosting Lollapuzzoola 14 and she’s a huge inspiration to me, as well as to many other puzzlers. I’m so honored for her to be my first New York Times collaboration! The 15-letter interlock was her idea, and being able to be a part of her construction process was super fun.

  Also, if you liked this puzzle, I also run a themeless subscription service called “luckystreak xwords+!” I have an exclusive deal for Times solvers (plus a free themeless!) so check it out. It means the world to me to be able to do something I love consistently, and any support is much appreciated. Thank you!

  Brooke Husic: Adam consistently blows my mind with grid geometries and cluing angles, so when I asked him to collaborate it was 100 percent because I wanted to do something epic geometrically together. Also, 100 percent because Adam is an awesome human — we made this puzzle over Zoom on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean and it was extremely fun.

  All this is to say: If the last Adam Nicolle puzzle you solved was his New York Times debut, then you have been missing out. Luckily, you can atone by checking out his blog and all-bangers-no-skips subscription service.

  The New York Times Crossword has an open submission system, and you can submit your puzzles online.

  For tips on how to get started, read our series, “How to Make a Crossword Puzzle.”

  Almost finished solving but need a bit more help? We’ve got you covered.

  Warning: There be spoilers ahead, but subscribers can take a peek at the answer key.

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  Your thoughts?

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