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[discord apk]Discord starts rolling out inline replies on desktop and mobile

2021-8-5 source:ING club

  Discord recently started testing a new screen sharing feature for mobile users. The feature allows users to share their smartphone’s display with others during a call, which can really come in handy when you want to stream a game to your friends or troubleshoot an issue on your device. Now, Discord is rolling out another new feature on both its desktop and mobile clients which will make it easy for users to follow conversations on the platform.

  If you’ve ever been in a crowded Discord channel before, you’d know that keeping track of a conversation can get confusing if a lot of people are talking at the same time. While the platform does offer a “quote” feature that lets users reference another message in the chat, it lacks the ability to quickly jump back to the quoted message for context. To address this issue, Discord has started rolling out inline replies for both desktop and mobile users.

  When multiple conversations happen over each other, it can get kind of hectic.

  Replies are here to breakup the noise and will gradually roll out to all devices throughout the week! Hover over a message on desktop or long press on mobile to reply to that specific message.

  — Discord (@discord) November 16, 2020

  With the new reply feature, users will be able to hover over a message on desktop or long-press on mobile to select the “Reply” option and reply to that message. As you can see in the attached tweet, the original message will then show up right at the top of the reply. In effect, the feature will make following conversations on Discord a whole lot easier, especially for mobile users.

  A Discord engineer on?Reddit further highlights some additional benefits of the new replies feature over the outgoing quotes feature. According to the engineer, replies?“are a lot better because they support richer rendering of the quoted message, are more compact, reference the original author, allow for easily jumping back to the original message, and are authoritative: you can’t edit the message to make it seem like someone said something they didn’t.” On top of that, the new feature also lays the groundwork for future features that may be built upon the ability to reference other messages.

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