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[Darksiders III]Darksiders 3 gets new ‘Classic’ combat option to match previous games

2021-7-16 source:ING club

  Darksiders 3 was a pretty major departure from previous games in the series. While it still retained much of the action and intensity that were hallmarks of those games, it also changed up the combat with a few new elements inspired by more modern games, like Dark Souls, in order to freshen things up. While most of these changes were positive, not everyone liked the new take on combat. A new patch for Darksiders 3 brings back the series classic combat.

  The patch notes explain that the new combat mode — which is called “Classic” while the originally released combat style will be called “Default” — will allow players to do things that weren’t originally in the game, like dodging to cancel attacks or the ability to use items instantly, rather than being forced to wait through their animations. This should, according to publisher THQ Nordic and developer Gunfire Games, help the game feel more like the first two Darksiders games. These settings can be changed at any point during the game and won’t have any effect on difficulty or achievements.

  Also included in this new patch is an increase to the level cap, which will now be 200, and a re-balancing enemies and items level 80 or above. The patch also comes with a few quality-of-life changes to things like ledge grabbing, which should be more reliable now; balance changes that should make Fury significantly more powerful; checkpoints, which should be more frequent; and technical issues like crashes, which should happen less frequently.

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