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[Firewall: Zero Hour]Firewall Zero Hour’s Next Operation, Dark Web, Hits This August

2021-7-15 source:ING club

  Firewall Zero Hour (review) from First Contact Entertainment is almost a year old and it’s still going strong. For a multiplayer-focused VR game, that’s extremely rare. Now, Operation: Dark Web is only two weeks away with an August 13th launch.

  Earlier this year Operation: Nightfall released as a ground-up relaunch of the entire game, for all intents and purposes. The entire UI was overhauled with a brand new look and flow, they added a Season Pass-style system similar to games like Fortnite, PUBG, and Dauntless that unlocks rewards gradually over time, and it delivered new maps, new contractors, and mission to complete. That was Season One. Now, Season Two is about to kick off with Operation: Dark Web.

  We don’t know any additional details yet about Firewall Zero Hour’s Operation: Dark Web, but based on what Nightfall included it’s fair to assume lots of new customization options to unlock, new maps to play on, and new missions to focus on.

  Firewall Zero Hour is published by Sony and is a PlayStation VR exclusive. It’s still one of the best PSVR games and we awarded it our Game of the Year for 2018. Shortly after the launch of Nightfall earlier this year though, it was slammed by a weeks-long plague of server issues. Thankfully, most of those seem to be resolved now as of the time of this writing.

  Are you still playing Firewall Zero Hour? Let us know down in the comments below and if you have any big plans for Operation: Dark Web when it releases in just a couple of weeks.

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