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[mobile legends apk]Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.5.46 update APK download link for Android

2021-7-13 source:ING club

  Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.5.46 update is out now, and according to the patch notes, it adds a new hero Paquito, the Heavenly Fist, that will be available on January 15 for Diamond 599, or Battle Point 32,000, Magic Chess First Aniversary, few balance changes, and weekly free heroes and skins.

  Update 1.5.46 is available for download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store; however, if you encounter any issues while downloading it, you can use the APK file.

  Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.5.46 update APK Download

  The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.5.46 update APK file size is around 106 MB and occupies about 176 MB. So, before starting the installation process, make sure you have enough space in your device.

  Download the APK file of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 1.5.46 update.Locate it on your device in the downloads folder.Open the APK file and hit the Install button, and the app will install automatically.Open the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and it will download some additional data before you can sign in with your account.

  Note: There is no need for any OBB file to install the latest version.

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