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[greedfall]Greedfall PS5 and Xbox Series X update lands alongside new expansion next week

2021-7-10 source:ING club

  The Greedfall PS5 and Xbox Series X update has been announced and it’s coming next week alongside a new expansion.?

  Publisher Focus Home Interactive has spoken about the next-generation versions of the game, and announced players don’t have to wait long. The PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game will be launching on June 30.

  This update will see Greedfall sporting native 4k resolution and 60fps performance. It’s undoubtedly going to do wonders for the game, and furthermore, existing owners of Greedfall will get the benefits at no extra charge. The update is free and save files from the PS4 and Xbox One will be transferable too.?

  That’s good news as it will feed into new DLC coming alongside. The De Vespe Conspiracy also launches on June 30 and will help build out the world of Greedfall even further. As its title might suggest, the content is all about thwarting nefarious plans and secrets, as well as add a new region and enemies.?

  The full description of the upcoming DLC reads: “The De Vespe Conspiracy expands on GreedFall’s cherished world and story, inviting you to set foot on a previously undiscovered region of Teer Fradee and tackle a brand new intrigue.

  ”Navigate a web of, lies, manipulation, and secrets, as you unravel a nefarious conspiracy that threatens the balance of power. Explore an uncharted region of the island, battle strange new beasts, upgrade your equipment with new gear and face off against a villainous new enemy faction in your hunt to uncover the truth.”

  It’s great to see this update as the title has a fairly compelling fantasy world, and more work being put in to help the under-appreciated gem might help expand its audience. Greedfall has rough edges, but there most certainly is the kernel of a great game in there.?

  Hopefully, these kinds of content updates and drops keep the game engaged with a growing audience. The prospect of a Greedfall 2 that helps sand some of the edges could be just what the franchise needs to make it a bonafide hit.

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