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[Terminator: Resistance]’Terminator: Resistance

2021-7-9 source:ING club


  Terminator: Resistance – Enhanced is releasing on PS5 on 26 March 2021, both as a standalone product and as a free upgrade for owners of the PS4 version.

  The original version of the first-person shooter first came out in November 2019. It is set in the Future War we saw briefly in the first two films, pitting cells of human freedom fighters against a nigh-unstoppable robot army (it disregards the events of the later films, which honestly we’d all be better off doing).

  Publisher Reef Entertainment says Terminator: Resistance – Enhanced will run in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, complete with faster load times and new features for the DualSense controller.

  We play as one of those freedom fighters in the main campaign, though Enhanced will also bundle in the previously PC-exclusive Infiltrator mode that lets you play as a T-800.

  Prepare for an upgrade ?

  We’re pleased to announce that TERMINATOR: RESISTANCE – ENHANCED will be coming to PlayStation 5 on March 26th, 2021!

  This version of the game will feature a range of graphical improvements as well as additional content, including… [1/6]

  — Reef Entertainment (@Reef_Games) December 16, 2020

  The campaign will benefit from balance patches and updates which were previously released on PC, and the same updates will roll out to the PS4 and Xbox One versions in the first quarter of 2021.

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