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[2112TD]2112TD has received a large update that introduces a new game mode and revamps the research system

2021-6-29 source:ING club

  Refinery Productions’ tower defense title 2112TD has received a major update today that will be available for free to anyone who’s already purchased the game, which first launched back in June. It introduces a plethora of new features and player requested changes.

  First up, the research system has been overhauled and expanded further. The new version has more unlockable upgrades for air units, turrets and the command centre. Meanwhile, the commander experience level cap has increased from 15 to 50 with Tech Points being award up to level 30 with a cap of 50.

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  For those looking for an additional challenge, there’s now a Nightmare Mode available. This harder difficulty setting promises to put even veteran players to the test. Making use of the new skills and upgrades will be essential to succeeding here. There will also be several achievements to unlock alongside commander statistics to view.

  Beyond that, there have been several quality of life improvements to the battle control menu. Similarly, all game modes have been rebalanced to account for the research changes. For a full list of all the smaller changes, check out the developer’s post in a recent Reddit thread.

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  James, Lead Designer at Refinery Productions spoke about the changes, he said: “Since launch we’ve been closely monitoring feedback, keeping an eye on what gets requested the most and what changes players would like to see. Our primary focus post-launch has been on the player’s experience and we continue to look at ways to improve this where possible.”

  2112TD is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a premium title that costs $1.99.

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