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2021-6-4 source:ING club

It is important that children grow holistically, try to be all-rounder and for that, a non-screen brain, and exercise is crucial. Once brain exercise becomes a part of the day, children may use the same analytical knowledge for homework and assignments.

It is crucial to have non-screen time when kids are at home and if you have run out of ideas on how to keep them busy, then here is a guide that you can refer to.


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Here is what all you need to know to keep kids engrossed without screen time:

Things to do


Try with puzzles and board games

Puzzle Set

Board Games

Let their creativity out

Mandala Art Colouring Books

Challenge them

Lego Toy Set

Design a Treasure Hunt


A book to go with

Books with tales and stories

Step 1: Try with puzzles and board games

Puzzles may help children in sharpening their minds as they seek to create a perfect puzzle. Puzzles are a must if you plan to reduce your kid¨s screen time. There are several board games available for different age groups. Games such as Monopoly help kids understand more about strategy and money. Other games help in sharpening decision-making skills and help in the overall development of the child.

A compelling and thrilling game that involves running and chasing around London city. In the story, the players are allowed to take roles as Scotland Yard detectives and nab the accused. This is a pure family game and parents too can play it with children. A great buy for those who want to enhance analytical skills and decision-making skills in their children.

Step 2: Let their creativity out

Give them a color book, the one that requires pristine coloring, so that their creativity is let out. Give them challenging figures to color and draw. Multiple coloring figures may help kids to come up with different colors every time and that would let out their creativity.

This book consists of predrawn complicated figures which can be colored by children. It is a 64-page book that has multiple figures and keeps kids busy for hours. Every figure differs from another and is a perfect solution for the non-screen time. This book can also be used by adults to relieve their stress.

Step 3: Challenge themBlock building toys are your go-to product to challenge the analytical skills of your children. You can use various build-up toys such as Lego to sharpen their brains and indulge kids in a very challenging experience.

It features realistic buildings and building material, cool trucks, and lovely police cars. The vehicles have perfect detailing and are as good as ones in real life. This is great for children aged above 5 but can involve the entire family in building the city. You can either allow the kids to go by the guidebook or challenge them to figure out the right combination.

Step 4: Design a Treasure Hunt

Designing a treasure hunt is easy. All you have to do is hide things and give clue cards to the kids to find the treasure. This may help in enhancing their mathematical skills and reasoning skills. Get a tent and many other props to make it look like a real treasure hunt.

Easy to fold up and can be used both inside and outside the house. This tent will give a perfect look to your treasure hunt. This can be set up either as a part of a treasure hunt or as a part of outdoor exercise for kids to play on holidays.

Step 5: A book to go with

Give your kids a book and let them travel in the fantasy world of the book, it¨s characters and scenes described. This would help in improving their vocabulary skills and help them learn new words. It is very important to have a good vocabulary as it helps in the long run too.

Memories of grandparents telling stories and different mystical characters have always been with us today. This book is a perfect match for those stories. Follow different characters and explore their world through this book.

Other FAQs:

What are the best indoor exercises for kids?

Skipping and jumping are some good indoor exercises for kids.Why should kids spend time off-screen?

It helps their analytical, mathematical, and reasoning skills.How should I balance between Onscreen time and off-screen time?

Give dedicated time to both and do no exceed the limit set for kids.

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