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[Re Zero 2 13]Endurance increased by 13%,ZERO new electric motorcycle advance exposure

2021-6-27 source:ING club

  At present, Zero also has stable development and enthusiasts abroad.Even new cars that will expose in February, it will flow out in advance.It is Zero SR / F to install a whole flow cover!


  According to foreign media speculation,This vehicle has a new car for Zero,The power system is used in the existing specifications of Zero SR / F,The maximum speed can be up to 200km / h,190nm maximum torque,Horsepower data estimates will break 100 motivation,But it is worth mentioning 14.4KWH battery pack plus the power suite has 322 kilometers of endurance,The state of 98km / h is 159 km.

  But the latest Zero SR / F has a cover, according to this report,It is possible to improve aerodynamic performance because of the additional flow cover.And raise the continuous mileage of the highway by 13% to 180 kilometers!


  The rectifier of Zero SR / F is not the only upgrade focus.Foreign media found that the handle of the payment increased, and the foot position was also reduced.In other words, the overall rider will be more relaxed!

  The new model will be officially released at the end of February.Although there is no time to see the vehicle in China,But it is also a more expectation for the future “more stable” manufacturer of “more stable” in the car.The only regrettable thing isI want an electric impetition launched by Zero,Maybe wait another time.

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