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[Honey Nuts]Honey Is Worldly Third-Most-Fake Food After Milk & Olive Oil

2021-6-26 source:ING club

  world-wide,Honey is the third largest food after the second day of milk powder, olive oil – 2

  Honey Is Worldly Third-Most-Fake Food After Milk and Olive Oil

  Fake honey makes the beekeeper and bees harm.

  How many fake honey in the world,Its exact quantity has a controversy.”Honey True Project”,Is a community,Composed of enthusiastic people and business,Published an analysis article,It is 33% of the proportion of counterfeit goods or adult honey.Australia has an article studying honey sales in 2018.Found in the detected product,27% is a fake or mixed with other ingredients.It is difficult to find concrete data in the United States.But there is a lawyer who has supported several collective lawsuits.Some honey brands are checked,Take this numeric up to 70%.

  Esteli, Esteli,December 21, 2019,It can be seen that some special cups are cultivating the royal king,Will put it in the hive,The fertility is stronger.

  Some special cups are cultivating royal king

  Some time ago,”Lunis Company” (Vice) detected some honey brands inside the US food shopping mall,Many of them are all incomplete.Ade said,Threats I have ran away from the shelves of the supermarket.

  In the meal of Americans,Honey has a great role.Eat 1 every year.800 million kilograms,Multi-use for the processed food such as CEREAL.

  The British beekeeper is particularly injured.2018,British honey imported from foreign countries,47% of European imports,But a laboratory of “honey authenticity project”,The brand of 11 supermarkets was detected.I found that there is no tag specification in Europe.

  Beekeeper is making honey from hive

  Herona, Spain,Beekeepers are making honey from hive.

  The people of the bee say,Honey,In the end, it will also force the price of honey to drop.Some beekeepers discover,Let their bees specialize in pollination,More cost-effective than producing honey.This forms a vicious circle.The lower the authenticity of honey on the market.

  Let their bees specialize

  Ad succeeded “insider”: “Our production cost is 1 pound of 2 dollars.It is difficult to compete with prices that are much lower than $ 1.”

  He said: “Some beekeepers have decided not to do it.Leave this industry.”

  And the bees are also suffering from harm.Specially engaged in pollination,Bees have to run more roads,Bring the risk of more diseases to honeycomb.

  The British beekeeper is particularly injured

  world-wide,Honey is the third largest food after the following milk powder, olive oil – 1

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