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[NFL 21 PS5]to see the US 100 meters speed!Gotlin avoids the championship ran into 10 seconds NFL star stop preliminaries

2021-6-26 source:ING club

  Beijing time on May 10th,2021 US Athletics Gold Competition was held in California, California,The 39-year-old will not choose the local popular event of Gutin, but to join Tokyo to participate in the Olympic test.In fact, it is clear that the situation in this game is very clear.This competition in the United States is very fierce.Gatlin participates in this event in the localIt is very likely to run collapse.


  Last night, the Olympic Terminal,Gutlin ran out of 10 seconds of 10 seconds in zero.Generate 0 in the wind speed per meter.05 second formula estimate,Gutlin theoretical value at +2.Under 0 meters / sec,This grade can be converted to 10 seconds 14.


  The 100-meter champion of the US track and field gold medal is Gelesi,The 24-year-old boy is +1.9 seconds 96 under 9 m / sThe runner-up 31-year-old Isaiaa – ran out 9 seconds 99,The 27-year-old Chris Bell is the third in 10 seconds 01.British Flying Wusga won the fourth place in 10 seconds 03.The eighth score is 10 seconds 18,36-year-old old Mike Rogers failed to complete the game.

  If Justin Gatlin participated in this US domestic competition,The first three possibilities are not large,It is estimated that up to 5, 6 appearances.


  In addition,24-year-old NFL Seattle Hawk’s external connector DK Mitkaw is an alternative point of view of this track and field.He claims to have never received a special training for sprints to challenge the men’s 100-meter competition.He played in the second group of men’s 100 meters preliminaries.There is no finals in the bottom of 10 seconds 37.10 seconds 37 don’t look at the results of the bottom,It is already very fast for those who have not participated in the 100-meter contest.


  Women’s 100m finals,After the 00 of the United States, Xin Rui Richardson is in -1.20 seconds 77 under the condition of 2 m / sec.This is what she ran in 10 seconds of 10 seconds this season.She keeps the world’s best results in the season of 10 seconds.This makes him the fastest sixth female flying man running in humans.

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