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the last of us pc

2021-6-3 source:ING club

In a Sony Investors Day presentation today, the company revealed that it’ll continue moving into PC gaming, with the next entry likely being Uncharted 4.

The presentation, which appeared online following the corporate strategy meeting on Wednesday in Tokyo, says that more PC releases are planned, and lists Days Gone and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. The latter, a hit Naughty Dog game from 2016, hadn’t been previously announced.

So far, a number of Sony games have hit PC. Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding both went up on Steam in 2020. While Horizon Zero Dawn launched with some performance issues, it went on to sell thousands of copies, according to Neilsen’s SuperData (via VGC). While Death Stranding didn’t sell nearly as well, it ran incredibly well on PC, and we called it the “definitive version of the game.”

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The latest entry into the PC market was Days Gone, which topped the Steam charts on launch day. At the time of this writing, which is over a week later, the game is still in the top-selling games on Steam. All three of these releases show that while a game might not have been received or sold well at initial release on console, they’re reaching a new audience on PC and allowing Sony to gain access to a new audience. In fact, Sony stressed that in its presentation, saying it helps the company “create new fans for our IP.”

Overall, Sony is looking beyond its console ecosystem in the future, including mobile. It specifically wants to see “a transformation from PlayStation’s current console-centric ecosystem to a future where large elements of our community extend beyond the console,” according to the presentation.

Considering that Sony says in the presentation that even more PC releases are planned, we’re hoping this means even more ports like God of War or even The Last of Us.

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